This Advanced First Aid Training course is the industry standard, and is designed to prepare first aid attendants to work in remote settings. Skills include; minor wound care, upper and lower limb immobilization techniques, spinal immobilization, CPR & obstructed airway management, as well as a wide variety of medical conditions and regulatory requirements by the WorkSafe BC. Upon successful completion of the practical and written examination, candidates will be certified for 3 years.

Course starts on September 21st, is 2 weeks long with an additional exam day.

Course cost: $690.00 + GST

For more information, visit Occupational First Aid – Level 3 or call us at 250-861-4357

Canada Day, Downtown Kelowna


We were in the park again this past week for the Canada Festivities. Food Trucks, Games, Prizes, Kids Zone and Fireworks! We had a great time this year!

Security and Safety Services of BC was on hand again this year providing Security and Medic support for Canada’s 148th birthday! We are happy to report that the event, from our standpoint, went off without a hitch. Kelowna residents and visitors came out in numbers to have good clean fun.

With temperatures in the mid 30’s last week, we were expecting to see a lot more heat exhaustion cases, but generally, everyone was well aware of the heat and took appropriate measures to stay cool and hydrated. All-in-all it was a pretty un-eventful day for our medics. Which is ALWAYS a good thing!

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Festivals Kelowna for putting on this wonderful event every year!



From Security and Safety Service of British Columbia


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First Aid and Security Services

Security and Safety Services

This weekend, Friday, June 12 and Saturday June 13th, is the 2015 Fat Cat Children’s Festival. Security and Safety Services is on site all day and all night to ensure a safe environment for the patrons and staff of this crazy and zany event.

First Aid / Medic Services

Our onsite Medic Service is available during the entire event in the off chance you or someone you love needs urgent medical attention. Our highly trained staff can handle any situation from a minor scrape to more serious medical conditions. Feel at ease knowing we are on hand to assist any way we can.

sidewalk chalk art @ Fat Cat 2015

sidewalk chalk art @ Fat Cat 2015

School Crowds on first day of Fat Cat 2015

School Crowds on first day of Fat Cat 2015

Street Performers at Fat Cat 2015

Street Performers at Fat Cat 2015

Emergency Medical Responder, ready to go! at Fat Cat 2015

Emergency Medical Responder, ready to go! at Fat Cat 2015

Lego building at Bricks for Kids at Fat Cat 2015

Lego building at Bricks for Kids at Fat Cat 2015

EVENT: 2015 Ogopogo Invitational

Various groups gathered together at the Royal LaPage Center in West Kelowna this weekend to compete in the 2015 Ogopogo Invitational gymnastics event hosted by the Okanagan Gymnastics Center. Security and Safety Services of BC were lucky enough to be on had to provide First Aid / Medic services to the athletes and general public. I’m happy to say there were only a handfull of minor injuries ranging from heat related to sprains.

Just a friendly reminder to the athletes and their parents for future competitions; remember to keep well hydrated and warm up before exerting yourselves.

Congratulations to ALL the athletes, volunteers and parents for running such a successful event.



Aboriginal Career Day, May 6, 2015

imagejpeg_3 Students were out in droves on May 6th at the engineering Annex up a  UBCO for the Aboriginal Career Day. Turner Group of Companies  represented as a possible employer of new graduates, as well as a  training provider to student looking to pursue other careers in  medicine, safety, industry or security. It was a great turnout and we  were proud to be part of this event as an aboriginal company to  support the aboriginal communities and their students.


The weather was absolutely gorgeous on Saturday, May 2nd, for our OFA1 class that was held for the Harvest Golf Club employees. It’s really great to think that this magnificent golf course located in the hills of East Kelowna will have trained staff that will know what to do in the event something happens; like treating minor wounds, dealing with medical conditions and basic life saving techniques.


You would think that having to sit in a class on a beautiful day would be torture, but just look at this view they had!20150503_074445_resized

A big thank you to the Harvest Golf Club for putting this class on!

If you are interested in running a private class at your facility, please don’t hesitate to call Garret Marsh at 250-861-4357.

Canadian Safety and Medic Training offers flexible and economical training options for you and your workers. Call us today for more info!


worksafe bc

This program is designed for licensed EMR, PCP and ACP Paramedics to work in an industrial setting as an Occupational First Aid (OFA) Level 3 Attendants. Candidates must have a valid British Columbia EMA license. When registering please make arrangements to pick up workbook and textbook prior to start of course.

Click here for more information.


worksafe bcThis course is designed to work in conjunction with the OFA Level 1 course, and focuses on recognition of potential spinal injuries, and how best to prepare them for transportation to medical aid. Candidates will learn techniques for moving patients, as well as spinal immobilization and WorkSafe BC regulatory requirements.

Click here to book your spot!



This course is designed for industry that is located in close proximity to hospitals (less than 20 min.) Skills include; minor wound care, upper limb immobilization techniques, CPR & obstructed airway management, as well as medical conditions and regulatory requirements by WCB. Upon successful completion of a practical and written examination, candidates will be certified for 3 years.

Click here to book your spot!

Course Date: April 13 to 17worksafe bc

FIRST AID: Do you know how to give your child CPR?

Here are some simple, but life-saving, first aid tips for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on a child over the age of 1.index_12

On discovering a collapsed child, check the scene for danger and establish whether she is conscious or unconscious. Speak loudly and clearly to the child, ask ‘What has happened?’ or give a command such as ‘Open your eyes’.

Place one hand on her shoulder and tap them gently to see if there is a response. To open the child’s airway place one hand on her forehead and gently tilt their head back. As you do this the mouth will fall open. Place the fingertips of your other hand on the point of the chin and lift. Do not push on the soft tissue under the chin as this may block the airway. To check whether the child is breathing, look for chest movement, listen for sounds of breathing and feel for breath on your cheek. Do this for 5 – 10 seconds and if the child is not breathing, begin CPR.

Place one hand on the centre of the child’s chest. This is the point at which you will apply pressure

Lean over the child with your arm straight and press down vertically on the breastbone with the heel of your hand. Compression depth should be about 5cm or 1/3 – 1/2 the depth of the chest. Allow the chest to come back up completely before you give the next compression.

Give 30 steady compressions. Push hard, push fast.

Return to the child’s head, open the airway and give two rescue breaths:

ResuscitationEnsure the airway is still open by keeping one hand on their forehead and two fingers of the other hand on their chin

Pinch the soft part of the child’s nose with the finger and thumb of the hand that was on her forehead. Make sure that their nostrils are closed to prevent air from escaping. Allow her mouth to fall open

Take a deep breath in before placing your lips around the child’s mouth making sure you form an airtight seal. Blow steadily into the child’s mouth for one second; just enough for the chest to rise

Maintaining head tilt and chin lift, take your mouth off the child’s mouth and look to see the chest fall. If the chest rises visibly as you blow and falls when you lift your mouth, you have given a rescue breath. If the chest does not rise you may need to adjust the head and check for any visible obstructions from the mouth but do not sweep the mouth with your finger to look for obstructions

If you are alone, continue giving 30 chest compressions and two rescue breaths for two minutes, then stop to call 911 for emergency help. If help is one the way, continue CPR until emergency help takes over; the child starts to breathe normally or you become too exhausted to continue.

If you are unable, unwilling or untrained to give rescue breaths, you can give chest compressions only

For more information about first aid courses please call (250) 861-4357. Or you can visit us at www.turnergroup.ca

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