Tired workers make more mistakes

February 11, 2015 (http://www.speakingofsafety.ca/2015/02/11/tired-workers-make-more-mistakes/)

How often do you – and your coworkers – describe how tired you feel?

It’s an ever-present topic in real life and on social media: “I’m soooooo tired.”

People complain about it all the time – which can get tiresome in itself – plus it’s bad news for the workplace.

“Studies indicate that the risk of making mistakes at work increases significantly if workers sleep for less than the average (7.5–8.5 hours) or are awake for more than 17 consecutive hours,” reads The dangers of fatigue in the workplace, a new hazard alert poster from WorkSafeBC.

We need to take sleep more seriously. Its replenishing power improves our:

* Ability to make decisionsFatigue
* Ability to do complex planning
* Communication skills
* Productivity and performance
* Attention
* Ability to handle stress
* Reaction time
* Ability to recall details
* Ability to respond to changes in surroundings or information provided

The above list of awesome enhancements is from the new hazard alert. It describes what we mess up by not sleeping enough.

Fatigue toolkit on the way for BC employers

The effects of sleep deprivation are on the radar in many industries, and WorkSafeBC is working on a fatigue toolkit for employers to be released by June 2015. It’s a topic I’ve looked at before, in my posts Impaired by lack of sleep? and Find solutions for sleep problems.



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