Canine Units

K-9 security is a unique service we offer.

What’s more intimidating than an officer in uniform telling you to disperse…? The dog that obeys his every command.

This service is very effective when combined with security patrol.

While many security programs can have a positive effect on improving the overall security of an area, two types of security programs need to be identified.

Security programs that focus their measures on responding to, or possibly interrupting criminal activities, are referred to as Reactive measures. General security patrol is one such example of a reactive measure. They are measures aimed at responding to acts in progress, or recently committed, but do little to prevent future activity from re-occurring.

Proactive security programs however focus on preventative measures aimed at inhibiting future criminal activity. Proactive measures tend to be more effective and ultimately, more efficient. K-9 security is an example of one type of proactive security. A patrol dog is a significant visual deterrent for offenders searching for opportunities. Research indicates criminals fear canines more than any other type of deterrent and when they are aware canines are present, they will look for alternative areas to work. The highly visible K-9 teams and marked vehicles serve as public notices aimed at offenders to go elsewhere. The end result is the prevention of criminal behaviours.

Canines can better detect intruders or individuals hiding in areas otherwise unnoticed by humans (behind doors, inside vehicles, garbage bins, etc.). A dog’s sense of smell is 100,000 times better than a man and with their acute sense of hearing and smell, as well as their agility, patrol dogs are extremely effective for patrol duties, especially in areas such as parkades, office buildings, construction sites and more.

Patrol dogs are very comfortable working closely in and around members of the public and they are highly socialized to all environments. The dogs regularly work around cars, crowds, heavy machinery, noise, other dogs and children. These dogs are not pets, however, and when they are working, strict obedience and training standards are adhered to by their handlers in the course of their duties.

All the dogs and handlers are required to pass strict licencing guidelines and are certified annually by The Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General of British Columbia (Security Programs Division). In addition, our teams train extensively on a weekly basis. These teams undergo more hours of training and instruction than general security personnel, making them much more professional and effective.


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