Private Investigators


Security & Safety Services of British Columbia started out as a Private Investigation firm. Warren Turner has over 30 years experience in Security, Investigations, Criminal Forensics and Law.

Private investigators play an important role in assisting individuals, law enforcement agencies and corporations. Some of the duties involve helping to find missing persons or performing research for legal, financial or criminal investigations. Some of our clients include; private citizens, attorneys, and businesses.


One of the major responsibilities of a private investigator is research. Researching legal records, family history, conducting a computer search to research a crime or conduct a background check on a job candidate. We then analyze the facts to find pertinent information for solving a case.


Part of the fact-finding method involves interviewing people to gather necessary information. These people may be relatives of missing individuals, someone who has witnessed a crime or has other relevant information. Through these interviews combined with the research, evidence is gathered to solve a case or present court evidence.


Another service we provide is surveillance. Individuals or organizations can use us to find out the activities of a person or persons. This involves watching a person without him being aware to see where he goes and what he is doing. Our findings are then reported back to the client.


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