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Don’t leave things to chance.

You’ve invested a lot of time and money in your business. Your clients, employees and customers mean a lot to you and the success of your business. WT SECURITY & SAFETY SERVICES OF BRITISH COLUMBIA INC. will patrol, secure and protect all of your business assets long after you go home at night. And whatever your budget, we can provide you with a security program that will let you sleep at night knowing your business is safe and protected.

     All security services are provided by WT Security & Safety Services of British Columbia Inc dba Turner Security & Medic Services a wholly owned subsidiary


    Security Matters.

    While most of us agree our security is important, let’s face it, few of us really take the time or expense to adequately protect ourselves or our families – until it’s too late. The truth is, most people will spend more money on their coffee than they will on their security.

    But for a few dollars a day, less than the average person spends on their daily coffee, we can help you plan how to better safeguard yourself and your loved ones.

    Investing in a security program that includes quality locks on your doors, up-to-date alarm systems (burglary, fire), monitoring systems (cameras) and security patrols if necessary, greatly improves your safety. Most people would be surprised to learn how many services and devices are available to the general public and how inexpensive they can be.


    Our Security Services include:


    Security Consultants work as advisors to help design and implement security programs that will effectively protect your assets.
    We can also identify vulnerabilities in your current security program. A security consultant will work towards finding solutions to strengthen your security program against possible security threats and breaches, in order to prevent them and create contingency protocols and plans for when violations occur.

    The work field of a Security Consultant covers a wide range of Security related jobs, including the protection of property, financial assets, valuable objects, people, and information. Security Consultants normally coordinate different teams of security specialists, such as Security Guards, Alarm Monitoring Companies, CCTV Installations, Cyber Security Specialists, and V.I.P. Bodyguards to provide a wide range of protection and defensive measures.


    WT SECURITY & SAFETY SERVICES OF BRITISH COLUMBIA INC. originally began as a Private Investigation firm. Warren Turner, Owner and President, has over 30 years experience in Security, Investigations, Criminal Forensics and Law.

    Private investigators play an important role in assisting individuals, law enforcement agencies and corporations. Some of the duties involve helping to find missing persons or performing research for legal, financial, or criminal investigations. Some of our clients include private citizens, attorneys, and businesses.


    One of the major responsibilities of a private investigator is research. Researching legal records, family history, conducting a computer search to research a crime or conduct a background check on a potential employee. We, then, analyze the facts to find pertinent information for solving a case.


    Part of the fact-finding method involves interviewing people to gather necessary information. These people may be relatives of missing individuals, someone who has witnessed a crime or has other relevant information. Through these interviews, combined with the research, evidence is gathered to solve a case or present court evidence.


    Individuals or organizations can use us to find out the activities of a person or persons. This involves watching a person without the individual being aware. We monitor the activities of the individual and report our findings back to the client.


    Are you tired of dealing with unwanted or unauthorized persons coming onto your property? Are you experiencing theft, vandalism, mischief at your property? Or maybe you just need a security presence to deter criminal activity?

    Whether it be during the day to protect your customers, or over night to protect assets and equipment, we can provide stationary security to ensure your property is safe and secure.

    Our security personnel will remain awake and alert, while diligently watching for unusual activity, and resolving issues promptly and accordingly.


    Responding to an alarm in a timely manner is an inconvenient and, sometimes, challenging responsibility for property owners or property managers. This responsibility can be also be potentially dangerous.

    WT SECURITY & SAFETY SERVICES OF BRITISH COLUMBIA INC. offers affordable 24-hour Emergency Alarm Response service. This service is available to homeowners and businesses alike.

    Let us take the responsibility and give you peace of mind knowing that one of our trained Security Officers will attend your property alarms in a fast and efficient manner.


    We provide mobile security patrols at varying times throughout the evening to help keep your property safe and secure, as well as increasing your overall sense of security.

    Security patrols are an excellent way of keeping unwanted/unauthorized persons away from your property and help to deter criminal activity, overall.

    Call us to discuss your needs/concerns and let us create a unique solution for you!


    A professional, effective security presence is essential at most public events. WT SECURITY & SAFETY SERVICES OF BRITISH COLUMBIA INC. are highly experienced in providing security services to event promoters/organizers for events of all sizes.

    We can help you by designing a security program to ensure your event is safe for everyone involved.


    Loss Prevention Officers are responsible for overseeing the security of customers, goods, and the store itself. They are in place to prevent theft, vandalism, as well as potential verbal or physical assault of staff or customers. They monitor the store by doing regular patrols, and controlling access, as required. They do not hesitate to confront/question suspicious individuals. Their main goal is to maintain order in retail stores, as needed.
    On a day-to-day basis, a loss prevention officer may be responsible for the some/all the following:

    • Controlling access to the store
    • Regularly doing patrols to prevent shoplifting, vandalism, and fire
    • Maintaining order
    • Using security systems equipment to monitor activities inside and possibly outside the store
    • Controlling customers and their bags
    • Applying active security and emergency protocols within the store
    • Responding to fire alarms and other emergencies
    • Controlling the functioning of security devices
    • Intervening during an incident
    • Arresting/detaining an individual(s)

    K-9 Security is extremely effective when combined with stationary security or mobile patrol and we are, currently, the only company in Kelowna that offers this unique service.

    This service can be adapted to any security setting (events, mobile, stationary).

    Our trained and validated K-9 security personnel are doubly effective when it comes to overall safety and security in any capacity.



    VIP Security, (also referred to as Executive Security or Body Guard service) offer protection services to individuals requiring close personal protection due to the nature of their job, their celebrity status or other reasons their personal safety may be jeopardized.

    Safety concerns may include harassment, threats, assault, theft of property, or other serious criminal offences including kidnapping and assassination, A VIP service may also require a team of personnel often referred to as the VIP's security detail.

    Turner Security Services offer VIP security services to individuals, groups or organizations that require close personal protection not available through conventional means.


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