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The Turner Group of Companies has been providing the highest quality training and safety services to various communities, industries, and the public for more than 25 years.

Our group of businesses include: Turner Security & Safety, Turner Canadian Safety & Medic Training, and Turner Safety Force Medic Services.

Together, these companies share resources to train and provide skilled safety, medical and security team members to work on construction, mining, forestry and oil and gas projects well as at events and on band land on an ongoing basis.

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Security & Safety Services of British Columbia

The company was founded in 1994 by Warren Turner, who has worked in the industry for over 25 years. A former Peace Officer with extensive training in both investigations and security, his scholastic background includes the fields of psychology, criminology and forensic science technologies.

Since establishing Security and Safety Services of British Columbia, Warren has assembled the most comprehensive, qualified team of  security professionals, medic personnel, investigators and other specialists available, to ensure his clientele receive the finest service in the industry.
Our goal is well defined: Security and Safety. As our company's coat-of-arm maintains, we consider our duty to be "Pro Patria" (For Country) and our mission is clear: " Safeguarding the lives of our clients. .

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Canadian Safety & Medic Training

We offer more than 30 training courses in a variety of programs such as First-Aid, Safety, Security and Medic training. All of the training programs at Turner First Aid Training are designed to be relevant, focused and hands-on so you can develop the professional knowledge and skills required to open a world of opportunity. You'll acquire the tools and techniques to secure one of the many in-demand jobs, such as medic or security opportunities in any number of sectors, such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Forestry and Construction.

Our courses include practical, real-on-the-job experiences. Because our agency provides medic and security personnel, you'll benefit by having the opportunity to learn from real life security and first medic experiences. Best of all, because our agency is always hiring, after completing your training program, you'll have an excellent chance at being offered employment with one of the companies within the Turner Group of Companies. 

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Safety Force Medic Services

Turner Safety Force Medic Services is committed to providing the most professional Medical and Security staff available to ensure a safe and secure workplace environment for our commercial and industrial clients.

Turner Safety Force Medic Services provides First Aid Attendants, EMR, EMT, Paramedics and Security Officers. All of our staff are fully licences and fully qualified to provide you with the best service anywhere. Our staff members posses all the required certification your industry requires such as H2S, TDG and WHMIS to name a few. More importantly, we recognize the importance of employing the most reliable and professional people available and we go to great lengths to hire and maintain the best skilled people in the industry to serve your needs.

Our safety programs comply with the requirements of federal, provincial and other regulatory bodies and are designed to protect the health and safety of employees and other personnel onsite at your place of business.

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