Advanced Security Training

Course Code: AST-2

Course Date TBD

Individuals holding a security worker license who are required to carry and use handcuffs in the performance of their duties are now required to make application to add this condition to their Security Worker license through the Registrar, Security Services Act.

In order to obtain this condition, individuals must successfully complete the 24 hour (3 day) Advanced Security Training (AST) course provided by AST Instructors approved by the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

Advanced Security Training in Kelowna BC

The Advanced Security Training (AST) license is for any security professional with basic security training and a security worker license who is also required to carry and use handcuffs as part of their duties. Our Kelowna Advanced Security programs have a $500 course fee.

AST Curriculum Outline: The curriculum of the Advanced Security Training (AST) course in Kelowna includes the following standard topics:

  1. Security Services Act & Regulations: This section covers the legal aspects of security services, including the rights and responsibilities of security professionals.

  2. Advanced Force Options Theory: This module provides an understanding of the various force options available to security professionals and the appropriate situations to use them.

  3. Introduction to Control Tactics Application: This part of the course introduces various force response options and control tactics that can be used in different scenarios.

  4. Application of Restraints: This section focuses on the correct and safe application of restraints.

  5. Excited Delirium & Positional Asphyxia: This topic covers important health-related issues that can arise in the security industry during the application of restraints.

  6. Reporting and Documentation: This AST training module emphasizes the importance of proper reporting and documentation in the security profession.