Emergency Vehicle Kit

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Foil Blanket 84" x 53" 1
Assorted Bandages 1
Individual Antiseptic Towelettes (individually packaged) 24
Box of sterile adhesive dressings (Assorted sizes, individually packaged) 1
Sterile Guaze dressing (individually packaged) 10cm x 10cm 10
Sterile Pressure Dressing with crepe ties (Individually packaged) 10cm x 16.5cm 4
Crepe roller bandages 7.5cm x 4.5m 2
Conforming gauze bandages 7.5cm 2
Adhesive tape 2.5cm x 4.5m 1
Cotton triangular bandages, minimum length of base 1.25m 2
Quick straps (a.k.a. facture straps or zap straps) 2
Windlass style tourniquet 1
Stainless steel bandage scissors 14cm 1
Stainless steel silver forceps 11.5cm 1
Pocket mask with one-way valve and oxygen inlet 1
6 pairs nitrile medical gloves (non-latex) 6
Medical masks (surgical masks) 6
Waterproof waste bag 1