H2S Awareness

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H2S Awareness

Duration: 1 hour online

Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) is a highly toxic and flammable gas. Each year in Canada, workers are injured and killed by exposure to H2S. H2S Awareness explains the properties of H2S, identifies control measures, and provides a practical description of what to do in the event of exposure.

The risk of H2S exposure exists in many industries, including, but not limited to oil and gas, pulp and paper, construction, and mining. In workplaces where the possibility of H2S exposure exists, ALL workers should have H2S Awareness training. Workers who are at risk of exposure to H2S and/or workers with rescue responsibilities also require H2S Alive and workplace-specific training.

Completion: At the end of the module, there is a multiple-choice test. Participants must successfully complete the test in order to continue to complete the course. Participants that do not achieve 100% can review the module content and re-test.

Certification: Upon successful completion of the course, participants can download/print a certificate of completion.

This course is non-refundable.