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Canadian Red Cross

This course is designed for people who have completed an OFA Level 3 course (within the last two years) and want to learn the concepts and skills necessary to become a licensed Emergency Medical Responder (EMR).

This EMR bridge course is the first step toward a career in emergency response or paramedicine. As a pre-requisite for the Primary Care Paramedic program, the EMR course is based on both national and provincial standards for emergency pre-hospital care. The course is hands-on and interactive, and teaches the basics of how to deal with a variety of medical and traumatic conditions. You will gain a basic understanding of anatomy and physiology, the healthcare system as it relates to Emergency Medical Services, pharmacology and ambulance operations. This program will prepare participants for emergency response roles in various sectors, including oil and gas, and jobs such as ambulance attendant, ski patrol or to help build your resume in preparation for a career in fire fighting or law enforcement.

***The Textbook is not included in the class price, in case you want to purchase one and have it ready prior to the class start, please call us at 250-861-4351 or follow this link: 


The cost of the Emergency Care for Professional Responders manual is $219.00 plus taxes. 

PLEASE BE AWARE that upon successful completion of the course you are NOT a licensed paramedic. You must apply to the Emergency Medical Assistants (EMA) Licensing Board for their licensing exams. An additional fee will be applicable and may take a few months to complete. Please contact the EMA at 250.952.1211 with any licensing questions. 

Pre-requisite: Valid Occupational First Aid Level 3 Certification or Red Cross First Responder Certification & valid BLS Oxygen and Airway Management certification. **This is not the same as CPR this is a specific course and requirement**

**If you need to get your BLS Oxygen and Airway Management please see a list of dates for this course here: https://turnergroup.ca/collections/first-aid-courses/products/basic-life-support-bls-recertification-course-red-cross-certification

Course Length: 40 hours  5 DAYS IN CLASS, 6TH DAY IS TESTING 
Certification: 3 year

Course Hours:
• 8:15 am start time (8:30 am after paperwork)
• 30 minutes for lunch
• 5 pm end time
There will also be a mid-morning and mid-afternoon break as well.

Course Requirements:

  • 100% attendance
  • Skills demonstration
  • In good health and physical condition
  • Pre-reading and assignments
  • EMR Workbook provided prior to course start