Basic Life Support (BLS) with Oxygen Therapy & Airway Management- Canadian Red Cross

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The Canadian Red Cross Basic Life Support (BLS), Oxygen Therapy and Airway Management is a multi certification course which includes training in a high-performance "pit crew" style approach to CPR & AED, for emergency health professionals working in a co-ordinated team response environment.

Full course --> 6 hours

Recertification --> 2 hours (Students must hold a valid, non-expired RED CROSS certificate to be eligible for the recertification.

Course Hours:
• 8:15 am
• 30 minutes for lunch
• 3:45pm - 4:00 pm end time (depending on size of class)
There will also be a mid-morning and mid-afternoon break as well.

Prerequisites: If recertifying BLS proof of current BLS certificate is required to participate in BLS Recertification

Canadian Red Cross BLS Certificate valid for 1 year.  Upon completion of the recertification Red Cross will issue an electronic certification.

Course Content:

  • CPR-AED skills for Adult, Child, Infant, and Neonatal patients
  • Multi-Rescuer dynamic CPR performance
  • Variable Compression to Ventilation Ratios
  • Airway Management techniques
  • Oxygen Therapy tools
  • Nationally recognized for credibility and up to date evidence-based protocols

You will learn how to systematically approach and manage a wide variety of cardiac and respiratory arrest emergencies including team-based Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Automated External Defibrillation (AED), and choking response for patients in different age categories.

Basic Life Support Recertification (BLS) has replaced CPR level HCP as the paramedical industry standard for professional CPR training and performance.

For private groups of 8 or more please contact for available dates.